Gently holding a mosquito in my hands.
‘What am I doing?’ I think,
‘Back in the day, I would have killed the bastard thing.’
It would have prevented my family and me from getting a mosquito-transmitted disease.

Most wish they could live in the tropical.
My friends and I joke over the phone:
‘How is Nam?’
‘How are those flashbacks going?’
This is Venezuela we are talking about.
It is all we talk about.
It is like people here with Tesco.

I’m listening to Phil Collins’s Rain.
He sings at the top of his lungs.
This is the time of year when you listen to Phil, BTW.

Rain is the ultimate commitment by letting this creature of the rain live to a jam discovered in fake Nam to an English man who I think may understand compassion.

I should be working…

Photo by Jonathan Cooper on

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