Lamps, My Debut & a Poem

❀☀️ ❀ I shouldn’t overstay at this cafe, but I have been trying to find the words to say for this chapbook’s release. Let’s start with honesty: I’m burnt out. While this blog means so much to me, in order to focus on myself, I might have to take a spring-summer break. I’m not planning to stop writing anytime soon, just need some vitamin D ❀ ☀️❀

I want to talk to you about the process of making these Digital Chapbooks and EPs! From the book’s design to taking pictures with what perhaps isn’t the best hybrid digital/polaroid camera (but it works perfectly to add an extra feel to my writing works).

As much as I dedicate myself to the marketing and visual aspects of my work. Daily, my energy gravitates towards writing. For years, I had focused on writing something more ‘serious’ than poetry. With time I realised that poetry is pretty ‘serious’ to me, and that is all that matters 🙂

This year I have released an EP, Spoken Word Debut, and now I’m releasing my new chapbook, Lamps on my shop page.

Poetry Chapbook Lamps by Ariadna Ortiz Naya
Debut Spoken Word Album

My Spoken Word Debut is good to listen to while trying to relax, focus or work. ‘Lamps‘ is more of a short read. Each poem has a picture to accompany it. You can see some samples below.

You can go to my Shop and buy any of my digital chapbooks (starting at 1 pound, or you can donate more if you wish) or listen to my Spoken Word Debut.

I will see you soon and keep you posted, and while I take a break, I will leave you with a poem about writer’s block.

Be it writer’s block?

Is it the constant need to create content?

I studied marketing, thinking it would be like the 90s.

I studied marketing because I lived in a third-world country stuck in the 90s.

Then in an interview for a junior manager role at Domino’s

The interviewer told me not to stop writing poetry

When I said that I was working on a copywriter’s portfolio.

But marketing was meant to be creative, right?

Again, be it writer’s block…

Ariadna Ortiz Naya

You have all been an incredible audience

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