Hi, I’m Ari, a poet based in Bristol, and this is my domain since 2019. Welcome!

Tuxedo cat on window sill and books

My passion is to write poems that reflect strange life circumstances that are most probably common in occurrence but nevertheless odd. I also like to reflect on my situation as a forced immigrant and the healing journey that comes with it.

Writing has allowed me to explore and connect with reality. I have written different materials for blogs and jobs, but now I make little books of poems, which I love doing.

A chapbook recollection of some of my poetry posts and future ones are available in PDF eBook form. To Lure a Wild Cat Poetry collection is now available on my Shop page. This also counts as a donation. You can contribute what you like and buy multiple times (you will receive a digital copy in your email, there are no physical copies available).

Every poem in my book has a complementary digital/polaroid photo. I take my Fujifilm SQ20 to hikes, parties, events and mundane walks.

If you want to support what I do, please subscribe, follow, carry on reading and consider buying my PDF eBook To Lure a Wild Cat for just £1!

Also, my DIY Debut Spoken Word is now available on Bandcamp, Amazon Music, iTunes, Apple Music and Deezer. A lot of hard work was involved with this project, and I’m very happy with how it turned out. Add it to your playlist, follow and share, please 🙂

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