‘I’m so over drinking.’
My boyfriend responds, ‘you say that now.’
I turn around, and I have nothing to say.
I give him this look, and so he laughs.
He had to go to work. I didn’t want him to leave.
I could hear him complain about his headache all day.
I think ‘water’ once he leaves ME to face me.
Awaiting… A kitchen nightmare.
Vitamin tablets, an empty bottle of Baileys and fried chicken residue.

All day yesterday, I was like, and then like… and thoughts gone.

I texted everyone.
Scared at least a dozen people.
My only outlet: this blog.
I’m a bad drunk 😦
I kick trees in front of the police.
I have existential crises over the phone.

I do the dishes. ‘I’m not drinking again,’ and ‘I’m ok.’ That’s what it was like.

Photo by Tara V on Pexels.com

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